Thursday, October 21, 2010

Troy's pictures

Special Olympics Event

Thanks to Troy Quiller, who wrote the following in his efforts to raise money for Special Olympics:

"So why did I decide to involve myself in this fundraiser? Well, for a couple of reasons actually. Not too long ago a friend of mine grew his hair out for a year and then shaved it all of for a fundraiser for cancer. He set an example for me of someone willing to give just a little bit for such a good cause. Since that time I have thought in this little mind of mine that if the opportunity presented itself, to do something like that, I would jump at it. When he told me about this fundraiser, I couldn't help but be excited about the purpose, and the adventure of being on top of the Wachovia tower knowing that there was only one way down.

I have been blessed in my life to have my own family members come into this world healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. This is really a blessing that I couldn't be more thankful for. There are so many families out there that don't share this same blessing. Not that their lives aren't blessed to have loved one's not in the same position as mine, but I don't share the same worries that they do on a daily basis.

If I can raise money to help these families have at least one day of nothing to worry about, than I am more than happy to do it.

Please help me, help them. Giving a little is really giving a lot.

Many thanks for your support!

Your friend,

Troy Quiller"

Troy raised $1,164.10 for Special Olympics. Because he raised over $1000, he was able to rappel down the Wachovia Building in downtown Raleigh. LOVE is BALD donated a t-shirt to him to wear that day. Thanks for everything Troy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

T-shirts for sale!!!

Hey everyone,

I hope this finds everyone well. WE HAVE T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they're awesome. We have made three different shirts. All have the same logo which is the LOVE is BALD with our little guy and pink balloon. Picture posted on our page. We have a grey athletic style for guys and girls, so far it's the most popular. It's way soft and fits great. The second is a women's cut T and it comes in white. Again it's super soft but it's only in women's cut. It does run a little small so up your size one. The third is a white cotton regular cut T made for anybody.

*The grey and women's white are made by AMERICAN APPAREL co. which is top of the line best of the best quality. Did I mention both are really really soft!!

* GREY athletic..15.00
* White women's cut..15.00
*Regular cut T..10.00

WE are working on getting our PAYPAL account setup so we will accept checks made to LOVE is BALD.

*** If outside of Raleigh NC. please add 2 dollars for shipping.

**To order PLEASE email me at or call me at 919 921 1348

THANK YOU everyone and remember ALL proceeds go straight in the account to be used to donate on the next adventure. PLEASE keep spreading the word. We are at 2040 on FACEBOOK and a few more on the BLOG.

Also we really want to set up a official website so if anyone is in that field and would love to help set one up or has any helpful info PLEASE we are interested.



Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

well, Allen did it. he's officially bald for the cause. on saturday he shaved his head. he raised over $1800.00!!! thanks to everyone who donated and especially those who came out on saturday to support him. it was an exciting and wonderful experience.

* it took Rylee a good 6-8 hours to realize that this is still her dad!!! *

here's a before and after picture. i'll upload more pictures when i have more time!!!



Monday, February 22, 2010

Volleyball Tournament!!!

Save the date folks, LOVE is BALD will be hosting their first fund-raising event for 2010. At Captain Bill's in Wilmington, NC on May 1 there will be a 6-man sand volleyball tournament. Allen played in a tournament there last year and had a blast. There will be prizes and a raffle - and for all those that have holding out for LOVE is BALD t-shirts, they will FINALLY be available!!!

Be on the lookout for a posting after this weekend's head-shave!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ok its official weve set a date and place. This whole past year comes down to this one day. The 27th of Feb. at the Hibernian resturant and pub. We welcome allthat can make it out that day to please come support and join us. You can see the teams website at . You can also donate there. Our goal has been this year has been to raise 15,000. If we do Miss Kelli Neesehas agreed to join me with the shaving of her head also. So anything,any amount woould please help. Thank you for your help with anything you can do and also thank you for everything you have done. So please put it on your calender and come join us if you can.

For anyone that enjoys playing volleyball,we have set a date to hold a fundraiser event. We will be holding a volleyball tourney at Captain Bills in Wilmington on May 1st. More info to come for this event.

We've had and idea and now would like to offer it to you. We know and have said that everyone,some how some way has been affected by cancer. Well at this time we'd like to open this Blog and the facebook group page to you. If you'd like you may post a message telling about someone who has een affected and inspired you to try and help make a difference. It's kind of our little TRIBUTE page to our loved ones that we will always remember and to those who have and are putting up the fight.

We THANK YOU for your participation with joining our little group and for spreading the word. We also THANK YOU for anything you can donate to help us help fight this terrible disease.

May GOD bless you,your families and esp. the children.

Thank you