Monday, October 26, 2009

WOW way to long but its back!!!!

OK OK ,i know i know .Ive been away for way too long ,but were back and we've got alot to talk about.Were over half way there now and we need every ones help to really make this grow.

I apologize for going so long without anything. I wanted to show better progress with some pictures so hopefully you can tell the hair is growing nicely. I haven't had to use so much conditioner in like 10 years. Can't imagine what it ll be like in 5 more months.

LOVE is BALD has grown with the help of Facebook to alittle over 1,650 people so far. PLEASE keep inviting your friends to join and read up on the blog.

OK OK ,The official LOVE is BALD T-shirt is now up for sale. We have them in men's small through XL. In women's we have the same sizes but they run a little small so might want to go up a size. The Lady's shirts are the women's fitted T's. We are working on children's sizes also. If you'd like a child size let me know and ill definitely work on that. The shirts are 13.00 dollars each. If you live in the area I might try to hand deliver your order,to cut down on shipping cost. If you would like to place an order you can email it to me at or you may call me at 919 921 1348. I WILL contact you back before I order just to confirm your order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for arrival.

It is also in the the works to have other items for sale soon also.
We are also working on putting on some events through out the year and next. Such as 5k races, and volleyball and golf tournaments. Also we are trying to work out some possible sponsorships to help spread the word for the cause. Oh wait, you might be reading this asking how are we gonna do all this by March,well that's part of the news. We are working on turning LOVE is BALD into a full blown Foundation or Charity. So we will hold events throughout the years to raise money. We would like to pick an event or fund or item at the beginning of each year and raise what money we can to be donated at the end of the year. If anyone has suggestions or ideas,we welcome anything you have to offer. We are very excited about this and hope it will grow and prosper with time and the help of all.

OK for some other news. Well it being my CJ's fourth birthday today ( sorry had to mention it) I am making it public, that along with the hair on my head its time to not cut the facial either. That's right as of tomorrow night no more shaves till the big day. I know I know,trust me I know. So the blog will be updated more regularly to show the progress on the "beard to be".

Well in closing , A huge THANK YOU for spending this time with us and helping us hopefully do something good for someone who deserves it. Lets keep spreading the word and see how many people we can reach.
I haven't really mentioned it lately but PLEASE do remember that we are doing all this for our children. For mine, yours, and those to come. When a child cries the world stops.

Thank you again for taking this time.