Thursday, April 16, 2009

HI everybody,I hope this finds you and your families doing great. Its been asked for but I have yet to do it till now. I am posting the first update of my hair growth. Its been a month and I can tell a difference but to some, not so much. The picture from the first blog entry of CJ and I,is pretty much how Ive kept it for the past couple years. Every Month Ill post a new pic.

Keep up the fight and lets get those people to join so they to can take on this journey with us.

THANK YOU again for all your help in this.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

3rd post ---shirts

Hello everyone,we are about one month into our adventure. With 890 members on face book and more on the blog we're running strong. Still there's double the amount that haven't joined us on Face book,so get on your people and PLEASE if you will invite all your friends to join up with us. It only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Some have asked why I'm so jumpy about getting people to join this early in the game. Well through the year I'm gonna need your input on things as for one tonight.

We've had an idea and now its time to spring it on you guys and see what you think.

As a way to spread and keep the word alive, contribute, show your support and just look darn hot, we've decided to do a T-shirt. With the help from the professional services of DEREK GLASS and We have narrowed it down to two designs. This is where you guys come into play. We need you to pick the one you like best. We wanted to make a shirt that we would all want to wear, not just a cheap "cause" shirt. The t-shirts are of the highest quality and ladies we have shirts cut for you also. We have to cover cost but all proceeds go directly into the cause. We're planning on them running about $10.00 shipped to you, or hand delivered if possible.

We have a GUYS (A) and a GALS (B) shirts available.



You can post your comments on here, send me a message on facebook or email me personally at

Again thank you for sharing this opportunity with us and our families. Now go hold a child and remember we do not do any of this except for them.

Children make you want to start life over. ~Muhammad Ali

Thank you for helping do some good.