Tuesday, July 6, 2010

T-shirts for sale!!!

Hey everyone,

I hope this finds everyone well. WE HAVE T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they're awesome. We have made three different shirts. All have the same logo which is the LOVE is BALD with our little guy and pink balloon. Picture posted on our page. We have a grey athletic style for guys and girls, so far it's the most popular. It's way soft and fits great. The second is a women's cut T and it comes in white. Again it's super soft but it's only in women's cut. It does run a little small so up your size one. The third is a white cotton regular cut T made for anybody.

*The grey and women's white are made by AMERICAN APPAREL co. which is top of the line best of the best quality. Did I mention both are really really soft!!

* GREY athletic..15.00
* White women's cut..15.00
*Regular cut T..10.00

WE are working on getting our PAYPAL account setup so we will accept checks made to LOVE is BALD.

*** If outside of Raleigh NC. please add 2 dollars for shipping.

**To order PLEASE email me at Allen.williford@gmail.com or call me at 919 921 1348

THANK YOU everyone and remember ALL proceeds go straight in the account to be used to donate on the next adventure. PLEASE keep spreading the word. We are at 2040 on FACEBOOK and a few more on the BLOG.

Also we really want to set up a official website so if anyone is in that field and would love to help set one up or has any helpful info PLEASE we are interested.