Monday, October 26, 2009

WOW way to long but its back!!!!

OK OK ,i know i know .Ive been away for way too long ,but were back and we've got alot to talk about.Were over half way there now and we need every ones help to really make this grow.

I apologize for going so long without anything. I wanted to show better progress with some pictures so hopefully you can tell the hair is growing nicely. I haven't had to use so much conditioner in like 10 years. Can't imagine what it ll be like in 5 more months.

LOVE is BALD has grown with the help of Facebook to alittle over 1,650 people so far. PLEASE keep inviting your friends to join and read up on the blog.

OK OK ,The official LOVE is BALD T-shirt is now up for sale. We have them in men's small through XL. In women's we have the same sizes but they run a little small so might want to go up a size. The Lady's shirts are the women's fitted T's. We are working on children's sizes also. If you'd like a child size let me know and ill definitely work on that. The shirts are 13.00 dollars each. If you live in the area I might try to hand deliver your order,to cut down on shipping cost. If you would like to place an order you can email it to me at or you may call me at 919 921 1348. I WILL contact you back before I order just to confirm your order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for arrival.

It is also in the the works to have other items for sale soon also.
We are also working on putting on some events through out the year and next. Such as 5k races, and volleyball and golf tournaments. Also we are trying to work out some possible sponsorships to help spread the word for the cause. Oh wait, you might be reading this asking how are we gonna do all this by March,well that's part of the news. We are working on turning LOVE is BALD into a full blown Foundation or Charity. So we will hold events throughout the years to raise money. We would like to pick an event or fund or item at the beginning of each year and raise what money we can to be donated at the end of the year. If anyone has suggestions or ideas,we welcome anything you have to offer. We are very excited about this and hope it will grow and prosper with time and the help of all.

OK for some other news. Well it being my CJ's fourth birthday today ( sorry had to mention it) I am making it public, that along with the hair on my head its time to not cut the facial either. That's right as of tomorrow night no more shaves till the big day. I know I know,trust me I know. So the blog will be updated more regularly to show the progress on the "beard to be".

Well in closing , A huge THANK YOU for spending this time with us and helping us hopefully do something good for someone who deserves it. Lets keep spreading the word and see how many people we can reach.
I haven't really mentioned it lately but PLEASE do remember that we are doing all this for our children. For mine, yours, and those to come. When a child cries the world stops.

Thank you again for taking this time.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2nd month picture

Hey everyone,

Sorry this is so past due. We hope everyone is doing well and your families are safe. Well he res another picture. I know it doesn't look like its been growing much,but let me be the first to say,YES IT IS! You have to remember or think that two months ago when we started this thing i buzzed it with a 3 guard on the clippers (guys will know what I'm talking about). Its gonna be a long summer :).

Please keep on adding your friend's and bugging them till they join. It's worth it.

I say it alot but seriously THANK YOU for spending this time to add your friends, join this group and reading my rambling works.

It really does mean alot to me to see so many of my friends joining together and making this work. All I did was send out one invite to my friends to join and you guys have taken this and ran with it. As to date we are at 1,184 people on the FB group and some more on this Blog. Thank you.

OK,OK time for the pic,trust me it feels longer than it looks.

Stay safe and go hug a child.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

HI everybody,I hope this finds you and your families doing great. Its been asked for but I have yet to do it till now. I am posting the first update of my hair growth. Its been a month and I can tell a difference but to some, not so much. The picture from the first blog entry of CJ and I,is pretty much how Ive kept it for the past couple years. Every Month Ill post a new pic.

Keep up the fight and lets get those people to join so they to can take on this journey with us.

THANK YOU again for all your help in this.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

3rd post ---shirts

Hello everyone,we are about one month into our adventure. With 890 members on face book and more on the blog we're running strong. Still there's double the amount that haven't joined us on Face book,so get on your people and PLEASE if you will invite all your friends to join up with us. It only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Some have asked why I'm so jumpy about getting people to join this early in the game. Well through the year I'm gonna need your input on things as for one tonight.

We've had an idea and now its time to spring it on you guys and see what you think.

As a way to spread and keep the word alive, contribute, show your support and just look darn hot, we've decided to do a T-shirt. With the help from the professional services of DEREK GLASS and We have narrowed it down to two designs. This is where you guys come into play. We need you to pick the one you like best. We wanted to make a shirt that we would all want to wear, not just a cheap "cause" shirt. The t-shirts are of the highest quality and ladies we have shirts cut for you also. We have to cover cost but all proceeds go directly into the cause. We're planning on them running about $10.00 shipped to you, or hand delivered if possible.

We have a GUYS (A) and a GALS (B) shirts available.



You can post your comments on here, send me a message on facebook or email me personally at

Again thank you for sharing this opportunity with us and our families. Now go hold a child and remember we do not do any of this except for them.

Children make you want to start life over. ~Muhammad Ali

Thank you for helping do some good.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Part two,with more to come

Hey everyone i hope this finds you well and the same with your family. I want to update and answer any questions you guys have sent.

First, WE'VE FINALLY REACHED OVER 200 MEMBERS ON THE FACEBOOK GROUP. Its not even been a week yet and 200. Keep it going. While I've said that, some, and I wish i knew who you all are, have invited ALL of there friends to join our group. SHOUTS outs going to Katie Sparks Heineman, Christine Robinson Wilson, and Kory Cecil Williford. If you'll let me know if you also included your people I'll surely give you a shout out too. Now the reason we are using Facebook is so we can network this out. Meaning, PLEASE if you all will, invite all your friends to join. Think of how many people that could be at the end if EVERYONE kept it on. At the same time we have 200 members there are double that number that haven't signed up yet, GET ON YOUR PEOPLE.:)

Next some questions that have been asked.

Will there be pictures of the hair in different stages? YES, as soon as I can actually tell its growing. I'm impatient so its starting to kill me that I can't tell anything.( Kory reminds me its only been a week.)

Where can donations be made? Well we weren't planning on any right now but if people are eager to give, we certainly won't stop them. A link to on the ST.BALDRICKS website is being formed. We'll let you know as soon as its up and running.

THANK YOU to all of you that have read the blog or joined the group and of course to those that have done both. Please keep passing the word any way you can.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

and away we go...........

For anyone who has a child,held a child or often gets called one this blog is for you.

Let me start this by introducing myself and telling a little about the motivation backing this blog.
My name is Allen Williford and I will be one of your moderators for this journey. Along with me is my trusty side kick and secondary sister Kelli L. Neese.
Let me explain our reasoning behind this hopefully semi motivating and most likely amusing page. Like a lot of people now a days most of us know someone,know of someone or had a scare themselves with cancer. Kelli and I and our families are no different.We were impacted first by the loss of our dear friend Peyton Dergay to cancer 5 years this spring. Peyton was diagnosed with a rare (to adults) form of cancer called.Rhabodomyosarcoma. Peyton had a huge heart and a smile to match.She was a beloved friend and one that is missed and thought of daily.

It also hit close to our family when Clay my little brother was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer only treatable by the removal of the infected bone. He is well and doing well with is family in California.

We tell you these stories not for sadness or pity but for the recognition that anyone at anytime can fall a victim to this disease. I wish it was possible to donate money to all of the hundreds of charities set up for cancer research and there families,but we cant. So I've tried to choose the next best thing, ST. BALDRICKS. That's right the name says it all, BALD hence our theme LOVE is BALD. At several locations throughout the country people come together to raise money that is donated straight to CHILDREN'S CANCER RESEARCH. Please take the time and click over to there website .

NOW WHY CHILDREN......To those who have sons or daughters,to those you have nieces or nephews and to those who have held a child in your arms. When a child cries the world stops. Some do it out of frustration,some out of spite and some just to be doing something. BUT when a child cries the world stops. Now when a child cries because she or he hurts,because he or she is confused or when they are afraid the world stops but so does your life. As a father there's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your child cry in your arms as you TRY to help them understand why they feel the way they do. I have been blessed not to have experienced my child to be put in a life threatening situation.But there are thousands to millions of children and their parents that have or will have to sit and wonder what and why is it happening to them. For those who have I can only sympathize what you go through. May GOD please watch over all our children if no one else.

We cannot save the world and every child in it but we can try to do something.

Now the fun part, for raising money we do not get a golden cookie or a button- the reward is that we all go to bed each night knowing we tried to do something that might help someone. So here's the beef of it, FOR ONE YEAR STARTING NOW I WILL NOT CUT MY HAIR,(maybe a trim off the ears here and there) but not a cut till ST BALDRICKS 2010. For added bonus and small one that it might be I will TRY not to shave either. WHY you may ask? Why not, in retrospect of the purpose, why hair is nothing. ...................Here's a possible future pic....

We have set a goal of 15,000 dollars by next March 2010. We ask that if you can donate even a dollar and we all spread the word, its possible this will work. We understand times are tuff and if you can't donate we ask you please spread the word about this blog and please stick around and stay updated. We will have a page set up were you can go and donate directly to the ST. BALDRICKS website in our name. Or if you would, which i will do, most of us have a change jar, pennies, (we love pennies) we'll take anything pennies, nickles, dollars, hundreds.( ok if you give a hundred i'll personally drive to your house and give you a huge hug)


We understand its early and there is no need at this time to send money but we want to go ahead and get the word out there so we can prepare.