Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ok its official weve set a date and place. This whole past year comes down to this one day. The 27th of Feb. at the Hibernian resturant and pub. We welcome allthat can make it out that day to please come support and join us. You can see the teams website at . You can also donate there. Our goal has been this year has been to raise 15,000. If we do Miss Kelli Neesehas agreed to join me with the shaving of her head also. So anything,any amount woould please help. Thank you for your help with anything you can do and also thank you for everything you have done. So please put it on your calender and come join us if you can.

For anyone that enjoys playing volleyball,we have set a date to hold a fundraiser event. We will be holding a volleyball tourney at Captain Bills in Wilmington on May 1st. More info to come for this event.

We've had and idea and now would like to offer it to you. We know and have said that everyone,some how some way has been affected by cancer. Well at this time we'd like to open this Blog and the facebook group page to you. If you'd like you may post a message telling about someone who has een affected and inspired you to try and help make a difference. It's kind of our little TRIBUTE page to our loved ones that we will always remember and to those who have and are putting up the fight.

We THANK YOU for your participation with joining our little group and for spreading the word. We also THANK YOU for anything you can donate to help us help fight this terrible disease.

May GOD bless you,your families and esp. the children.

Thank you