Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2nd month picture

Hey everyone,

Sorry this is so past due. We hope everyone is doing well and your families are safe. Well he res another picture. I know it doesn't look like its been growing much,but let me be the first to say,YES IT IS! You have to remember or think that two months ago when we started this thing i buzzed it with a 3 guard on the clippers (guys will know what I'm talking about). Its gonna be a long summer :).

Please keep on adding your friend's and bugging them till they join. It's worth it.

I say it alot but seriously THANK YOU for spending this time to add your friends, join this group and reading my rambling works.

It really does mean alot to me to see so many of my friends joining together and making this work. All I did was send out one invite to my friends to join and you guys have taken this and ran with it. As to date we are at 1,184 people on the FB group and some more on this Blog. Thank you.

OK,OK time for the pic,trust me it feels longer than it looks.

Stay safe and go hug a child.